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By dude7 Thu Apr 29, 2021 6:36 pm
Hello everyone,

I am using mpc beats as a vst in fl studio.
After chopping a sample, I want to assign it to my mpd218 under new program ->non destructive slices. Unfortunately the chops are not in the right order, or sometimes not on the pads at all.
I already tried it with restarting the startup wizard, with the learn function and with a new installation of MPC Beats.
The pads are already set to enable.
I have been looking for a solution for the last few days and to be honest I am a bit desperate. If anyone knows the solution to this problem it would make me incredibly happy.
Many thanks in advance.
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:33 pm
The pads in MPK controllers have a fixed MIDI note layout for each preset, irrespective of the actual MIDI note layout used in the current program you have loaded within the MPC.

The MIDI note layout of an MPC program (by default) is very odd, (C#1, C1, F#1, A#4 etc), while most presets in your MPK will have chromatic pad layout (C1, C#1, D1 etc). If you want to always use the pads exclusively with the MPC you could edit your FL Studio preset to match the default MPC MIDI note layout, but then the pads won't work nicely with chromatic drum kits (which is likely to be the layout of your FL Studio kits).

The other option is after creating the chop program in your MPC, go to Edit > Program > Note Mapping and select Chromatic C1. This should fix the issue without having to change your MPK preset.