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By Mau11111 Thu Jun 03, 2021 7:28 pm
Hi guys does anyone knows if in the paid version of MPC Software *MPC2, its possible to drag midi info from VST to the same sequence diff track off course. The free version always opens it in a new Sequence, thnx in advance guys peace!!!
By Mau11111 Thu Jun 03, 2021 8:00 pm
MPC-Tutor wrote:Nope, all versions do this.

Ok understood in your opinion if you had this issue before, whats your best way(s) to go around that ?Thnx for the info and quick reply
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Jun 03, 2021 9:42 pm
You'll have to import it to a new sequence; you can then use MAIN > sequence pencil icon > COPY EVENTS to copy the imported track data to a track on your preferred sequence. It's clunky, but works fine.

I believe the only MIDI data that will drag directly to the current sequence are MPC pattern files (they'll be added to the next blank track). But that doesn't help when importing MIDI files.