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By Pierre Wed Aug 25, 2021 12:01 pm
Hi there,

Thank you in advance for reading my message :)

I have a MPK 249, connected with USB on my PC. It seems to me that I did the right setup to enable my MPK midi device:

When I load a Drum program and try to play beats from my MPK:
- it works when I hit MPK piano keyboard
- but nothing happens when I hit MPK pads

However, both of them (Pads + Piano keys) are triggering correctly MIDI input in MPC Beats, as in both cases when I hit I can see the "IN" flag showing light on top-right:

The only "suspicious" thing I can think of is the fact that the software seems to find multiple times my MPK but with different naming: MIDIIN2,MIDIIN3...

Any ideas?
Thank you and have a nice day beat makers :)