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By UnkleSkunky Tue Nov 16, 2021 7:48 pm
Hopefully not a flame worthy subject, but Search for instacomposer came up with nothing.

I respect the various opinions on the software itself but I would like to play around with it.

I have gotten as far as getting the instaposer plugin in the program but I am reaaaaaally struggling to find info on routing.I would like to set it up with multi plugins like tube synth and others that come with mpc, . I have not yet figured out how to make the tubesynth presets available in the instacomposer program. Once I learn basic routing it shouldn’t be too difficult to apply different patches. Baby steps.

Sooo, I would like to learn how to setup five tracks (one for each available voice in instaposer) in mpc beats or mpc, and how to provide the instrument to those various insta voices. The daw instructions in the insta user guide aren’t particularly helpful as I don’t know which,if any are similar to mpc. My only experience is with reaper and still very limited.

If anyone can explain how to do that It would be greatly appreciated.