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By Trsacar Fri Dec 03, 2021 6:54 pm
Hello there, I have MPD226, and using MPC Beats.

I was looking for solution on tutorials, but didn't find it.

So, I actually have two questions.

First, how to set a MIDI learn to control 4 different channels volume. For example, on first fader, to control drums volume, second bass, and so...

The second one is why my MPC beats loads so slow. When I installed it, load up was few seconds, but now is about one minute, and I didn't install any new plugin, etc. Just using it for learning from the beginning. There was the same problem few days ago, when I reinstalled my Mac, and the software with it.
On the beginning everything was fine, but after few days it loads longer and longer. What is "interesting" a have hundreds of copies of user MIDI setups in MIDI learn section. Maybe it makes a problem, I don't know.

So, MIDI learn for volume for separate channels, and long load up time.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if there is the same topic.