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By Top Hat 432 Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:31 pm
I'm new to the MPK249 and MPC beats. I've watched a bunch of tutorials now and they all seem to say that as long as I select the correct keyboard through the wizard, all my keys and pads should work once I have a sound attached to them. I've selected sounds, attached them to the pads in the program, but the pads don't appear to be connecting to the input. If I use my mouse and select the pads in MPC beats, it makes sound. If I press the keys on my MPK249 it triggers the pad sounds (in MPC beats). If I press the pads on my MPK249 the lights respond, but there's no response from the MPC Beats program, and no sound out of the pads themselves. Help! I'm really hoping someone here has the answers!