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By Aeon Mon Jan 02, 2023 3:44 am
So today I tried the software for the very first time.

90% total disappointment to be fair. Totally non intuitive.
Doesn't even work well with the MPC One as controller!
Why no integration with the thing it is supposed to be made for.
To be fair "it is just a **** JOKE"

1. Can't see the SSD that is attached to my MPC One via USB - I have to remove it from my MPC and plug it into my PC in order to see my projects and try to work on them from the software WTF!

2. I open up my project for a live project I am on with, fire it up - Drums kick off but hey? What's happened to my synths? - NONE yes NOT ONE of my hardware synths are getting triggered, the midi notes are there - OUTPORT has the Model D MIDI 1 sowing up inside but is greyed out.... Hmmmmph!

3. It would appear that NOTHING that I have plugged in Via USB is working ..... WHY?

I fired up the software to try save me some time.... Not consume the little time I have with trivial shit not working that should EASILY!

I never had these problems with Maschine Mk2 nor Ableton...

So, sorry for ranting but can anyone shed any light on this....
Can it be done?
Triggering my synths through MIDI over USB whilst in controller mode I mean....