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By Hayleyita Sat Feb 04, 2023 6:01 pm
Hi guys, I'm having trouble recording vocals over a track I created on MPC beats using a microphone (audiotechnica). Usually it doesn't pic up the microphone at all (nor even my laptop's one) or the times it has, there would always be a terrible echo (feedback). I've tested the mic on other programmes and it works fine to just not on MPC beats.
I am not that tech savvy and just want to get recording as quickly as possible. Help Greatly appreciated!
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By Telefunky Mon Feb 06, 2023 8:09 pm
You have to configure MPC Beats to whatever audio system is connected (or internally present). There‘s a list of choices in Preferences, Audio...
If you choose the internal mic (for input) and the laptop‘s speakers for output, it‘s natural that feedback occurs.
Usually a mic is used with headphones as monitors ... to avoid feedback ;)

Since you don‘t mention an audio interface, I assume it‘s an USB mic (and may come with a driver and utility software).
If no such thing is mentioned, it‘s probably a so called „class compliant device“ that automatically works with current operating systems... if you have selected it from the input devices list in preferences.
Some (but not all) USB mics have an internal headphone amp, making the mic act like a regular audio interface, which you select for both input and output. Probably called something like AT-USB-dunno-what.