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By Deth Mon May 22, 2023 7:58 pm
I am using it in Magix Music Maker 2023, and it works great but I cannot figure out a method to apply the beat I've created to the assigned track. I can play it using Magix, but I cannot record it as audio to the track using the recorder in Magix and I cannot directly export it as audio into the track as an audio object.
Obviously, I can export it as audio and drag and drop it, but then there is no reason to open it as a VST occupying a track and I have to juggle things around. I'm aiming for the best workflow arrangement.

With MPC as a VST, I can't imagine ever needing a paid or free drum VST ever again, I just need to get beyond this minor hurdle.
I also know MMM2023 will find some criticism and I may receive suggestions to make a switch, but I'm a wizard in a lot of DAW's and I can get a lot done much faster in Magix than with any other.