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By bmanic Wed Jun 07, 2023 4:21 am
MPC Software (full version) 2.12.0, Mac OS X Big Sur, Mac Mini M1 (Apple silicon)

Hi, could somebody confirm if this is a problem: When using auto-sampler for external instruments (MIDI out, audio in to soundcard from external synth), it seems like auto-sampler isn't transmitting note-off messages correctly. Or it is transmitting something else.

What happens is that the audio is abruptly cut off where the 'tail' part of the sampling should be happening.

I'm using a RME Babyface Pro for both the midi and audio, recording through inputs 3-4 (instrument / balanced plug).

I've gone through all the options on my hardware synth and even tried recording another one and both have the same issue.

If you set the tail length to 3 or more seconds you can very easily hear this bug as it just cuts off audio instead of actually recording the tail.

I also have an MPC Live so I will test if the same problem happens there and will report in the MPC Live/keys bug report thread if this is the case.
By bmanic Wed Jun 07, 2023 6:56 pm
A little update:

The tail is not recorded if you have specified any of the loop modes. If I have loop turned off, then the tail is captured correctly. This is a bit of a shame because even if you only want to loop at the end of the sample, it is still very useful for the integrity of the sample being recorded to have a proper tail.
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By MPC-Tutor Wed Jun 07, 2023 8:28 pm
IMO the loop option in autosampler is pointless anyway, better to edit the samples yourself to find the best loop.

But can I ask why you are looping and recording a tail? The mpc cannot play the tail portion if you have looped the sample, there is no separate loop end point and no option to play that tail upon releasing the note. Recording a tail is only suitable for one shot samples