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Best turntable brand besides Technics?

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By Mike Boogie Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:00 pm
Isn't there a new 1200 mk7 dropping real soon... :shock:
By JVC Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:06 pm
Coz wrote:...
Jibber who used to post on here claimed the Technics blew away the Stanton for sound quality. Not sure how accurate that is? I wouldn't use any DJ turntable as an audiophile playback device anyway.

I’d believe Jibber’s claim. (That is, NOT to say that those Stanton turntables are bad, just that they should not be even considered as SL-1200’s range.)
Even a stock (not modified) SL-1200 is totally capable of producing pristine sound, even with a modest phono cartridge.
Not only that platter is heavy enough, the platter is dumped with rubber sheet underneath (many owners don’t realize it)

The tonearm is considered the weakness for many audiophiles, but it is not bad at all - all the important parts of the tonearm is really well calibrated, so unless the tonearm is abused (which unfortunately happens too often to SL-1200s), it can handle high-end (low tracking force) cartridge without problem.

This is off topic, but I’d recommend those Technics, Pioneer, or other Made in Japan or Taiwanese turntables that were manufactured in late 70s' to late 80s’. Technics OEMed a lot back in the days.
MCS was a Technics OEM brand for JC Penny. Technics OEMed for Radio Shack too. Those turntables are often overlooked. Those are far better, well made, than today’s budget level turntables.
By Xandre Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:40 am
JVC wrote:
Xandre wrote:...
I just have a few questions, seeing as my original turntable set up, consisting of American DJ TTD-2500 MK II turntables, which my mom bought for me 17 years ago, is now showing signs of failure, I will soon be on the look out for new turntables, either brand new or used.
Also, is buying turntables used generally OK? Are there any issues I should worry about when buying used? My American DJs are 17 years old and they now output garbage sound. Thanks.

What's the issue with the turntables exactly? Is it issue with platter (does not spin in consistent RPM) or it would drop out one channel or both?

Took apart the deck after suspecting a bad ground wire fixture. But it didn't seem to be a grounding issue. Swapped RCA cables and it could be the cables, which are just as old as the decks, but honestly, they're so old, I'm ready to just replace them at this point. They just put out bad sound now and I can't figure out why. They served me well for 17 years. Honestly, they held their own for most of that time despite a needle that was prone to skipping during intense scratching sequences. The virtues of an offbrand like American DJ aside, I would have been better served with a pair of Technics, but my mother didn't know what she was buying, they were a gift from her and either way, a highly generous one.
By DaCrane Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:47 am
I put up a vote for Numark.
Before I get jumped for my ill-rated decision I'll explain why.
The TT200, TT500, and TTX were very overlooked because numark has always been known for putting out **** products.
I was always a Technics fanboy and thought nothing could ever compare, all these other tables started showing up, I just figured they were ****. For whatever reason I grabbed a pair of TTX (not the first ttx1 model) and will never go back. These things are solid. Three different torque and pitch settings, (think ultra pitch scratching here). 33, 45, and 78 rpm, and swappable tone arms, adjustments on braking and starting speed, etc. If you want to adjust the brake on a Technics, you have to open up the top and keep adjusting till you get it right, and that's where it stays, same with true zero pitch.

I'm sure as mentioned above there may be a variation in sound quality, as I'm not an audiofile I haven't noticed it like I notice the difference between a Rane and a Roland mixer. Maybe if I get board later I'll plug in both a tech and a TTX and post up a sound test to see if anyone can tell the difference.

I have never touched the TT500, but the TT200 has the same torque and pseudo feel as a tech. It by no means is a comparison as it is missing all the rubber sound dampening, but for a cheap turntable to use to scratch it is pretty dope.

same as a scratch mixer, I'm not about to go buy a midi buttoned covered turntable that will be dated and rendered useless by software (thanks Rane and Serato for the TTM57!), but there is a lot of good stuff out there. I have never used the stanton str8 or vestex, but have heard those are solid as well. But I guess we'll see in 3 days if new technics are really coming out. If not, for the price of what they cost used, I would shop for cheaper for a first set.

Also, not 100% here but wasn't the mpc2500 and mpc500 put out while akai was owned by numark?
By Xandre Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:42 am
Mike Boogie wrote:Isn't there a new 1200 mk7 dropping real soon... :shock:

Jan. 7. CES trade show, Las Vegas. That news just broke like a week ago.

I spoke too soon but whatever I couldn't be happier that Technics is still committed to that line.
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