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By DeaDeus Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:41 am
Elektrobolt wrote:I think this is more proof that something is being seriously neglected in Akai-land.... ....There are SO many things that cannot be edited properly, track order, effects order, program order, tempo, time signature, pad mappings, and so on.... ..... In a centerpiece I expect to be able to alter and experiment with what I have made. Tweak rather than "manage".....

Well said!!! I support this!
By 40Beatz Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:54 pm
I believe it takes time to Implement every single desire of ours. When Other DAW's first dropped, i guarantee they re-released and revised Numerous Versions. And it took many DAW companies YEARS to perfect what we're requesting now.
You gotta understand that Akai took a leap by making a Standalone Unit that can compete with Software. Its not perfect but to me, theres no Standalone competition. Software DAWs use the Computer Hardware to process everything. So its a challenge to duplicate that in small box, for a reasonable price.

Open Labs tried that Sh*t years ago...didnt work out too well for them lol.

Akai is basically tryin to accomplish that feat again. But it takes manpower and TIME before it can be perfected. I have faith Akai will Drop a Bomb in the Near future

Hopefully it will address the requests of today....but....we'll request somethin else...

"Pad lights are not dimmable"
"Its Too Loud"
"I want Voice Text to name pads"
"I want Emojis on the keyboard"

:cry: :cry: :(