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By zangetsu01 Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:15 pm
We all know that since software version 2.2 the Jbridged vst's will give you a blank screen.. :Sigh:

Well No More..!!

Follow the steps below to get your GUI's back.

Go to:

C:\Users\*users name*\Documents\jBridge\SettingsFilesFor32BitPlugins

Side note:
1) *users name* = different for everyone of coarse
2) make sure to choose the 32bit folder

Allright lets go:

3) Once your inside this folder lookup the name of the vst plugin you were trying to use and open it
by right clicking and choose 'open with'.

4) From here choose to open it with notepad

5) In notepad scroll down until you see the following sentence:

//Plugin's GUI will be opened on a separated window if set to 1

6) Change this from '0' to '1'

7) Save and close notepad and reload your vst plugin.

8) Tada..!! Your GUI that was long gone is back..!! :popcorn:

I'm so glad that I got it Semi-fixed *This thread needs a sticky* :worthy:
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By zangetsu01 Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:25 am
Fanu wrote:I can only speak for Mac, and def. don't want to rain anyone's parade (only want to help!), but can only say at least on a Mac, JBridge was major pain all the time I used it. Bought 32 Lives and that's been working marvellously ever since.

There is no Windows version of 32 Lives