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By Unreallystic Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:40 pm
Lampdog wrote:
Al Yeska wrote:I love my V-MODA M-100's. Tasty and emmersive sound. Not flat though. Ive never understood that plain saltines junk. Whats the point? To prevent offending someone?

Flatter the better.

It will sound exactly like you want it when played on several diff audio systems and headphones. Most systems put their own “color” into the audio played. You want your playback to be “colorless” and as close to your original creation as possible, if your serious about your audio.

I am halfassed about mine, but, I do recognize what works for me.

So I feel some kind of way about this ideology. I get it and its been my mantra for YEARS, but I find that when I'm NOT at a mixing down stage, I simply make better music when I let "some color in". I perfectly get it - but when you get a little color on a song during the initial production stage (what portable Live is for IMO), it can help guide you somewhere (assuming you are like me and go off the top more than come to the table with a formulated idea).

That's what drove me to the 50s over the 40s - what everyone said about them here, I've heard elsewhere in doing my post-MPC folks opinion - research (heh). Ultimately the big play for me was "a little more thump is good, it either brings my energy up, or makes me make sure to bring it down some".

I DO get it though.

As for how they are so far, so far so OK. They sound good and feel good, the shorter cable *option* is SO much better, but what I didn't take into account is that while the 50s fold up, they fold up *thick*, and not *flat* (turn in), so they still don't sit inside of a laptop style bag very well. It's been fine since as I've gotten them, my MPC bag has JUST been the MPC lately, but usually I roll with a music theory book, manual, iPad Pro, etc. So I'm happy with the purchase, but its not solving all my issues. Replacing the bag is the next option, but this is my second bag for the MPC.
- Unreall
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By Lampdog Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:33 pm
Nah, I never start with a formula. I do what I do and then clean up things as I go along.
Later clean up even more if I feel the need or don't clean up at all , say **** it, delete and move on.

90% of me wearing headphones is making beats, other times is PS4 so flat by default is fine for me.
Not a critical listener but I know the difference.
By Unreallystic Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:50 pm
Well its just been a weird thing for me, I always tout getting flat for pretty much everything so you can hear things as they were meant to be heard, but I purposely break-up sessions for QC purposes, and no matter HOW it sounds when I mixed it while producing it, I ALWAYS tweak/re-mix it after the fact, so I had to start wondering, what's the point of flat headphones? You aren't really supposed to mix or master with headphones anyway, headphone test are for practical purposes only - like the car test(s).
Def not fighting the idea, just wondering how much value there REALLY is in execution/process.
- Unreall
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By Lampdog Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:53 pm
There's value in almost everything for different people for their diff purposes.
I wouldn't even put brains cells towards wondering (the precious few I have left I need for bigger and better things anyway).
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By NearTao Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:38 am
The theory for a flat response is that you aren't targeting a specific speaker that is coloring your output. With a flat response you'll know by ear what frequencies you are using and if a specific sound is muddying another part of the song. If you extend the logic, then the theory would be "if it bangs in flat response, it might just kill anywhere else".

However, you're right... if a set of headphones lets you get to business and be creative it really doesn't matter what their response curve looks like. Play hard and have fun!
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By Lampdog Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:35 am
I’d say if it bangs in flat response you have a damn good chance of it bangin on most systems. There is always that chance it just doesn’t. But flat response imo gives the best starting point chance at sounding damn near the same on most systems. This would be a good thing to embrace because you never know who is using what system to listen. Better to just make it as neutral as you can from the get go.

I use this method because I listen on various ****. I am a user also. Not marketing my beats or selling and don’t care what people think, but, I want it to sound super decent for ME as a user.

Thru years I’ve learned, taken into account what I read and heard from SEVERAL heavyweights here in the forums, NearTao, Heavie, Eyalc, Randolph to name the most recent and the oldest I think Menco, Prah, Clint, Poppa Larg, Dstruct, Ambush, Hellfire, Ian, DT, Coz, WSteele, Ill Green, Mesh, etc. ALWAYS has been said to pay attention to flat signals, so there is something there that has credit and solidity.
By Unreallystic Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:27 pm
Nah, I get it - again I've touted it for years, its only been recently when it kind of hit me, when creating I create, then I come back later to clean-up, I don't want to muddy up the process of making something good, by spending too much time focused on the sound design details, and levels, and when I'm doing clean-up, I shouldn't really be on headphones anyway, that should be done on monitors (now those 100% should be flat).

I guess the MPC Live has twisted some things for me - true mobile production is different for me than at home in the studio production. When I pull out the MPC - I'm usually at work on lunch break, so I have about 45 minutes (I eat for 15 heh) to try and get (3 is my goal) ideas going. In that time, I'm usually so focused on patterns and song ideas, that I don't worry about the mix - minus it hitting too hard and hurting. With THAT pretense I just started wondering - what makes headphones good for "production". Sure flat is good, but then when I start weighting the importance of flat headphones against "creating quickly", the priority shift to speed and energy and focus made me rethink things (a little).

It's all gravy though, its really just being more open to how the MPC has changed things for me.
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By NearTao Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:37 pm
I've got a crappy water proof battery powered speaker I take with me when I go out hiking with the MPC. Do you man!
By Unreallystic Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:51 pm
NearTao wrote:I've got a crappy water proof battery powered speaker I take with me when I go out hiking with the MPC. Do you man!

When I was a kid I use to roll with these 3-4 inch speakers for my Walkman *shudders at age reference*. This makes me want to throw a pair of slim speakers into my MPC bag, could have some real fun with that.
- Unreall
By AdamWeishaupt76 Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:02 pm
So it may be a little late for a response, but here are my 2 cents. I have 3 sets of headphones right now that I cycle through.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X - I got these for a good, cheap pair of closed back over ear headphones I could use for recording vocals mic'd instruments. ATH-M50X is not as good as the ATH-M40X.

AKG K702 - I got these to mix with. Open back, over ear.

Thinksound ON-2 - Closed back, on ear. I got these as a portable option. While I love my Porta-Pro's, and they actually fold up considerably smaller than these, I wanted a decent closed-back headphone for being in public or noisy areas.

All 3 were Amazon Warehouse deals because I refuse to pay full price for headphones, lol!