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By emmarque Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:15 pm
I'm trying to record guitar using the Sampler through a mic, and I'm getting nasty feedback via my desktop monitors unless I turn monitoring off, which makes sense because, well, physics.

But if I do this, I don't get the metronome and I can't hear what the MPC Live is hearing. My only option without involving external gear is to literally unplug my monitors from the back. I've poked around a ton and my sense is that I'll either need to A) run the output through a mixer first or B) find a way to route the headphones to a different output (along with the metronome). I see the option to route the headphones to Output 3/4, but I don't see a way to use that with the Sampler.

Ideally there'd be a separate key command where I could toggle rapidly between my external monitors and the headphone output.

Also is there a way to delete a sequence? I'm going through the Bible and have a bunch of sequences that are empty and taking up space. I can clear them, remove bars, etc. But I can't make the Sequence itself go away. I even looked through the desktop software and can't find a way to do this yet.

I really like the MPC Live and don't mind it's limitations -- just want to find an easy way where I can sit down at my desk, listen to a track on my monitors, pick up a guitar and play some stuff into the Sampler while hearing the guitar and metronome through headphones with the monitors muted, then hit a button or toggle and hear it all played back on my monitors.
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By NearTao Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:49 am
A few options...

* Turn off your speakers and use headphones when recording with a mic
* Turn your input levels down to reduce/prevent feedback and then normalize it in the MPC once you finish your recording
* Get a mic that only has a near field response, this may require playing much closer to the mic than you want
* Route the input to an alternate output (like 3/4) and send it to headphones for in ear monitoring
* Use off board feedback detection and prevent it

One last thought, maybe output your main audio to 3/4, and monitor off of L/R with headphones in. I haven't really recorded much on my Live through a mic, but if I get a chance I'll hook it up and see if I have a better suggestion.

There are plenty of other ways to solve the problem, but without seeing your setup it's a bit hard to know all the dynamics or as you said physics of the situation.

To delete a sequence, don't you just hit the pencil on the sequence line to delete it? Or are you trying to do something different?
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By tsutek Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:54 am
or use a DI for your guitar? That way there's no mic involved so no feedback.. But then again you'd need either a virtual guitar amp or reamping after recording. There are many ways..