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By SyncingFeeling Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:31 am
Hello All, thank you for adding me.

By day I sit in front of a DAW setup with hybrid analog pieces, however I ordered an MPC Live, A Bass Station 2 and a Roland System 1 to integrate in a little hardware setup with an old HD24 and 01v96 to blow off steam away from the work rig.

I don't have things in front of me yet but am trying to plan sync and see if I need a thru box and what best practice is for master/slave as the HD24 cannot be a slave.

I will of course have word clock between 01v96 and HD24 via BNC or ADAT (not related but FYI).

I will also need to connect MIDI between HD24 and Console. This means I have no MIDI input left on my HD24 from the MPC.

I have one midI thru jack on my 01v96 and thats it. I need a clean midi clock chain starting from the HD24. I need the HD24 transport to engage the MPC Live. I need the MPC to send time code to the two synths and I ideally need the 01v96 to have timecode from the HD24 as well.

I do not NEED to have midi printing beck from the synths to the MPC for arps etc, but bonus points if I can use their key beds too. Otherwise all input will be from MPC or from a controller connected by USB to the MPCL.

So I need two loops that all terminate and work properly starting with the HD24 which spits 30fps sync.

Hope this made sense. I haven't dealt with this kind of physical midi stuff in almost 20 years:s.

Looking forward to making some DAW free music for fun (I will be strictly hardware only unless updating the MPC etc).

I'm hoping it will work and without buying any kind of additional sync hardware (I'm pretty broke).

Thanks for letting me ramble on my first post! :worthy:
By marctronixx Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:56 pm
Yea got lost in the details mate.

I use a MOTU Miditimepiece AV. It send out stable clock to all my devices. Using this little box I can route midi to any midi’ed Instrument at the clicks of a button.

All my gear is hardware and i dont use the PC for audio. Everything is either MIDI or WORD and the MOTU syncs everything.

These boxes are not expensive and you can find a similar box that has the same features. I’m just a fan of MOTU from the 90s.

In short, get a MIDI patch bay like the MOTU...