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By styx Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:14 pm
I'm on 2.4 and running my MPC X standalone.

When I create a MIDI program within a sequence I set MSB, LSB, MIDI Ch and Program Ch to point at the appropriate synth/patch/etc. All good.

If I create a new track in the same sequence, or a new track within a different sequence in the same project, I may want to use the same program. However when I scroll through the program list to select one the already-tweaked program I want to use for this track has got the MSB, LSB, etc. reset to the default values (but they're still OK on the previous track/program instance). I have to change them again. And again when I create another track. And again. And so on. A pain.

I've tried using the Duplicate to Track option. The manual says it creates an identical program. This creates a new track for but with default values for the program rather than those I've set.

I've also tried saving the program alone to its own place in the drive. When I load it in to a project it comes with all the default values rather than those I've previously set prior to saving it.

The manual indicates that a program may be used by many tracks within a sequence (I quote "Programs are independent of tracks and sequences, so you can set multiple tracks to use the same program. Furthermore, you can use the same program/programs across multiple sequences.") It doesn't seem to me that it does completely without me having to tweak the MSB, etc, of each instance of the sequence/track/program combination.

Is this a bug or have I misunderstood something somewhere?

Many thanks for your input.
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By DeaDeus Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:38 am
It is as you experienced it - and I am unhappy too. Would be nice if one could keep defaults once set for a track.
Can you please tell me which external machines you are triggering with midi.
I (and some others) have a bad experience by e.g. switching channels on the start of a sequence. There is a slight timing issue with midi and its rather slow serial data transport, if external machines are triggered at the start of a sequence.
Workaround is to:
- switch the initial set-up of external machines in an empty very short pre-sequence, and
- send further midi data rather at the end of a pre-sequel than on the start of the next sequence.....
By styx Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:54 pm
Yes, I've found the MIDI delay too. I've an Ultranova, a Proteus 2000 and a DTXtreme. The Proteus seems OK with patch changes at the start of a sequence but the Ultranova glitches and doesn't play the full note, and the DTX plays the first note(s) slightly late. However they all seem OK when the sequence loops the second and subsequent times.

Never noticed this on my MPC 4K but then I used to set up all the patches directly on the external gear rather than sending change messages from the sequencer itself.

Thanks for the workaround; I've been experimenting with that myself.