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By drmyers Sat May 18, 2019 1:16 pm
Hi Guys,

Has anyone had problems with build quality, or am I the only person?
My issue is with various parts on the MPC X,

- At least 2 of my OLEDS are wonky, pointing down... :roll:
- A very small bit of paint at the front (On the Red side parts seems to of been missed, again bad QC I think..

Tried to add an attachment to show, but this site doesn't allow it, only a some type of link that's not explained properly..
Let me know if you too have build quality issues...
By BeatWilson Sat May 18, 2019 4:17 pm
when i first got it i actually thought the build quality was "ok" like all around ok besides... i didnt like how the screens on the q links looked cause around the edges had a bit of white but when i pealed off the plastic i definitely i was more satisfied with the finish. with the plastic is was flat and without it looks shiney.

My major Gripe with this machine is who in the **** designed the screen kick stand.... that person should have been kicked in the face! A KICK STAND! REALLY?!?! All the other screens i felt had a better feel when moving them even tho this one moves smoother it does not feel as stable.

the other thing i noticed is going from the live to the X the X's headphone jack fits looser when im plug them in. the live felt very snug.

For the price i dont think the build quality was very good, but for what it is and how i got this machine im happy with it. I didnt have to spend the 3000$ Canadian for it. I found a way to get it for 2000$ so i went with it. I could not deal with how they mapped the lives q-links. I like being about to zoom in with one knob and change the starting point on another or the ending point so im using 2 hands at the same time. Also the gripe i had with the live was the screen and q links being on the right. WTF?

It sucks your paint was not properly done on. The wonky OLED screens sucks... I heard people complaining that there encoder was installed crooked. Like i think mine could be possibly but like it works, i have no issues. so for me its alright i can live with that but this machine not really worth 3000$ unless you got a mostly hardware set up.