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By MPC-Tutor Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:35 pm
Post up your 2.6 bug reports!

Firstly, looks like they fixed the 'chop' bug that converted all destructive chops to 16 bit.

HOWEVER, patched phrase is STILL creating 16 bit patch phrase files, even when the source file is 24 bit and all export options point to 24 bit.
By vwkountz Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:02 pm
No bug to report, but a request to Akai to create better release notes for what bugs were fixed versus the generic "bug fixes". There are things that I've worked around for months or completely stop using a feature or function.
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By Monotremata Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:44 pm
Certified Beatz wrote:Nice I dis download but waiting to install.. is this just a firmware update.. I see software also we can select..

The software got updated but I still cant find a change log or anything for it. The 'Whats new' screen that pops up when you first run it just reads the same stuff as the Live/X updates (umm we dont have standalone mode Akai...)

We get new icons and at least they fixed the security check on Mac OS so you dont have to install 2.3 first and then update to use your audio inputs. Other than that looks the same to me. Ill have to start a new track or something. I never noticed chops getting converted to 16bit in the software, Im gonna have to go through some of my projects and look now!
By vwkountz Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:32 pm
Frisbi wrote:Check here for a complete list of bug fixes ... are-update

Thank you, and it does mention the audio input issue was fix :worthy:

Bug still exist in standalone when creating a song in song mode it will not create a song in the sequence listed.

video of issue (sorry for not flipping the video correctly): ...
By usbport Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:23 pm
Q Link off by one error,
Akai Live.
Light #4 is lit, but Q link #1 is active in Screen Mode

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By jackmate Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:52 pm
just wanted to use the new automation in stepsequncer gimmick and found that you are
now unable to change the pad, nor u can use the dedicated buttons for it.
works in drumprograms though...
By Mystic38 Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:01 pm
+1 yep, i posted this here viewtopic.php?f=48&t=190083

and confirmed working in 2.5 by @tiger001 and not in 2.6

jackmate wrote:just wanted to use the new automation in stepsequncer gimmick and found that you are
now unable to change the pad, nor u can use the dedicated buttons for it.
works in drumprograms though...
By SILIS101 Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:49 am
Sample assign page now requires you to highlite sound, hit pad, hit enter. Before it was highlight sound, hit pad. Dumb.
By tiger001 Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:47 am
on 2.5 (X) you can even hit pad, select/browse sound et voila, sample is assigned ; this caused (with me dumbass) quite a few accidental overrides - quite a pain if you need to find the correct (original) sample in a 3000 item list....
By SILIS101 Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:55 pm
Take a sample and assign it to a Program. Not all default programs show up, you have to manually hit enter and choose one instead of scrolling thru the box. Default Programs meaning Program 001 or 002 etc.
To be specific: This happens to me when I have 3 named Programs to choose from including a default Program 003.
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By implant Sun Aug 04, 2019 6:27 am
BUG standalone: When I play on pads in plugin mode and go to menu, sound is changing and sometimes stops.
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By zangetsu01 Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:45 pm
2.6 Also has the following bug:

Controller mode:

When certain plugins (L1 Limiter or Bluecataudio) are loaded into lets say submix 1 or 5, submixes 3 and 4 will stop working. Audio tracks that were supposed to go trough submixes 3 and 4 are skipping the submiers and are routed to the master Bus instead,

This makes 2.6 unusable for me. Rolling back to 2.5. It’s a shame.. I Finaly had acces to automation from the hardware..
By tiger001 Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:39 pm
X [Standalone]
grid edit pad bank bug
when coming back/switching into grid edit from any screen (esp. program edit)
with e.g. pad bank B selected, you don't return to pad bank B grid but you'll see pad bank A

also, you need to double tick/select a pad/note to really be able to change it

select pad bank B (or more) in grid
go out of grid
return to grid
you'll see pad bank A
when you had e.g. B12 selected
and come back into grid
you'll see that B12 is slected but you can't change it
you have to deselect/re-select it to be able to change it