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By Bezo Sun May 17, 2020 2:44 am
I think I misunderstood. It sounds like you all are either talking about MIDI from DAW into MPC software or audio out from MPC software to DAW.

If you all ARE talking about MIDI out from MPC software to DAW, pleas clarify.
By tntmpc Sun May 17, 2020 3:43 am
now im lost too Elusive :)

anyway just to clarify what i managed to do on my side if it wasnt clear... so at least yall know its possible cause i wasnt sure too till i made it work after a few hours of pain..

the goal that i reached successfully was to take the midi data from each track from the mpc vst and put in the daw ...delete all midi data in the mpc (all my grid edits are empty:)
that midi data now in the daw is being sent to the mpc and the audio goes back to daw... for each track

so i can now sequence and edit midi in the daw just like in the good old days

that 2.8 part in the akai manual is a joke... i have good old korg triton rack manual and they go real deep in explaining all possible midi configurations ...
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By Bezo Sun May 17, 2020 4:37 pm
eLuSiVeMiTe wrote:
Certified Beatz wrote:Hopefully he means midi from mpc plugin to Daw real time.. could care less about exporting..

Midi tracks.
Been able to push midi out since 1. Something...

The official word from Akai has always been that the plugin doesn't send MIDI out to the DAW.

If you're talking about MPC MIDI triggering Instrument tracks in a DAW, especially Studio One, can you explain exactly what you do. What's being explained above sounds like exporting.
By eLuSiVeMiTe Sun May 17, 2020 5:36 pm
Initially we discussed sending midi from the daw to trigger mpc

However I can send midi via a midi track in plugin mode no bother


Standalone I don't normally use but a quick test shows it's screwed up

Stuck notes and lockups
Needs another look but I've never had much call for standalone

Note. I'm using mpc Renaissance.
So standalone is via software

Using akai internal midi which is prompted to download from Ren preferences. Loopbe1 should do the same job

Edit. Didn't disable or isolate midi in on the midi track. Causing a feedback loop

Works as intended and same as it worked for me in mpc 1.9