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By TeeCee Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:28 pm
I would like to use the Akai MPC One as an external sound generator that is controlled via MIDI. The MPC shall be integrated into a live setup with several sound generators and replace an old sampler. For this the MPC has to react on a dedicated midi channel and also execute program changes which are sent on this channel.

So far this works, but the MPC reacts on program changes of all MIDI channels so that it cannot be used in a midi network with several devices.
I.e. the last program change on any MIDI channel is executed by the MPC, this is not very useful when using multiple devices.
A parameter like "Program Change Channel "or "Master Channel" as known from other devices would be very helpful, but I can't find it.
Is there any way to limit the reception of midi program change commands to a single midi channel ?

My setup:
- latest firmware 2.9 is installed
- several sequences are created which shall be switched
- all tracks of these sequences are set to a single midi channel (MIDI INPUT)
- in the General Settings "Sequence" is assigned as Program Change

Thanks for any hints !