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By shigeon Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:43 am
I can't do this anymore bruh, I've tried pretty much every option and combination that I can think of to get an efficient workflow combining both the MPC Live II and FL Studio 20, and the best option that I can think of is basically
-Midi interface
-two midi cables
-MPC Live II and FL Studio 20
Connect the mpc to the midi interface using the midi in and out ports, making sure to keep the in port and the out port separated, so for example the midi out goes to the midi in of the 1st set of ins and outs with the midi in coming out of a different set of ins and outs, as to not make the midi go into a feedback loop. this enables the ability to send midi signals from the mpc into fl studio to control fl studio plugins and the fl studio transport controls while being able to send midi data to the mpc from fl studio using the s tier piano roll.
the issue with this setup is that the audio from the fl studio tracks is recorded in fl studio, with the mpc tracks and programs being recorded in the mpc, and it's a pain trying to connect the audio from the mpc to fl studio without bad audio or bad latency.
this setup allows for the best workflow with FL Studio and the MPC in terms of midi setup but it doesn't really work in a live setting because fl studio needs to output to one pair of speakers and the mpc needs to output to another pair which could be solved with an audio interface with a lot of audio ins and a lot of audio outs but if you're like me then you probably don't have that, and the same problem goes for recording audio.
this might just be a "me" thing, but I like to have audio playing in my monitors and my mpc speakers at the same time since my monitors aren't that balanced but the mpc speakers have a roll-off at the really low-end frequencies and the really high-end frequencies.
In theory the best option realistically would be to have the mpc in standalone mode but still be connected to the "Akai Pro MPC Live II ASIO" so the midi in and out ports would function normally while still having the MPC audio be able to recorded without an audio interface since the MPC is pretty much an audio interface in it of itself. This way it would be possible to send midi to and from the MPC to FL Studio (or any DAW really since i tried this same song and dance with ableton with little results) without the use of the MPC software which is really clunky when used with a DAW.

sorry for the long post but yeah, here's where I am, if anyone has any ideas or wants to collaborate with me on creating the ultimate combination of FL Studio and the MPC Live II, let me know, since I want to keep the dream of having a seamless workflow combining the MPC and FL Studio alive, since I love my MPC and the workflow but I'd rather use FL Studio for things like editing MIDI and ESPECIALLY putting together full songs because that's one of the MPC's downfalls.
By 40Beatz Wed Apr 07, 2021 1:12 pm
in my'll have to decide who's gonna be the Master/Slave. In my Setup...My X/Live is the Master. The way i have everything running thru my Mixer...Thru an Akai EiE Pro Interface....I use FL as a Dedicated Sound Module...With Unlimited VSTi Racks.

I dont really use Controller mode to make Tracks.

But there are Multiple ways to integrate the Two.