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By tomatoattack Wed Jul 06, 2022 8:17 am
I am having inconsistent results with Drum FX randomization options introduced with the update 3.0.6 - explained in the latest manual (manual v3.1) - page 393
Allow me to explain.

All functions there (SAMPLES page, fourth TAB) are working apart from the PAN random effect. So If I tweak Pitch, Level, Attack, Cutoff or any value there, every value produces the desired random effect. But PAN is not doing anything at all.

Was thinking that perhaps something is off with my samples (not the case) or that perhaps the PAN value set in the SAMPLES second tab is already set to some value - but not this is not the case. It is at default (dead center)

Basically, if I go to SAMPLES' second tab, there is a PAN value set to the center. I tweak it left or right manually and the effect can be heard accordingly. I set this to Center and then go to SAMPLES fourth TAB and increase random PAN to the full extent but nothing is happening, pan is always the same - unlike every other value which indeed is randomly changing.

Can anyone confirm this bug? Am I doing something wrong?