Akai Force Forum: Everything relating to the Akai Force, the new 64 pad, clip-based standalone sampler/groovebox from Akai. While not an MPC, it shares many similar software features to the MPC X/MPC Live including the same underlying code-base.
By SQUARTZ Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:46 pm
I've been using the Force in my studio and would like to start taking it places with me. Due to how my studio is setup, I won't easily be able to remove the power supply and cord each time I take it somewhere. So, Id really love a replacement power supply and cord replacement.

I don't want to risk getting the wrong type or pay too much.

Can anyone give me any advice on a cheap and reliable power supply and cable for the Force? MPCstuff has replacements for the MPC X but the total would be $76 for both and that seems silly.

Sorry if this was asked before, I searched the Force forum and didn't find anything.

19V DC 3.4A power supply