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By DuckonQuak Wed Oct 28, 2020 1:41 am
Hey all, 3.05 has been amazing but I've found a couple of issues with Macros.

The main on has to do with my project macros and them no remember last saved state, or even last state when changing macro window say from projet 1 to project 2. So I really love the depth of programing control I get from the macros now, (if you get creative you can do a hell of a lot with one knob), but when I have knob with more than on parameter it seems to have trouble remembering the last state.

For example, I have a Kill eq on my 2 masters (I used 3/4 out for drums and 1/2 carries everything else). When I assign both parameters (say low end from both channels) to the knob, adjust the range so it maxes at 0 and set it to 100% (I've noticed whenever you assign more than 1 function to a macro, even if they are both midi value 0-127 based it changes on the display to 0-100%), as soon as I change the knobs to another track, and then come bck they are now displaying 50% and I have to turn the knob backup.

Anyone else experincing weird display or control issues with complicated macro controls?
By hellnegative Fri Mar 26, 2021 12:54 am
I just came across this issue on 3.0.6. Macros are not saving either with projects or tracks now. Infuriating when you use external gear.