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By DR Stijn Wed Apr 14, 2021 11:20 am

I have a strange issue: I activated splice and used a FLAC from say 20 sec.
White previewing it in the LOAD browser I noticed it stopped playing after 4 seconds. But now after I loaded it, I have a serious project issue. Since then *any* longer sample that I load stops playing after say 3 seconds, except the ones that are allready were in the prooject before.

The odd thing is that this only happens in PLAY mode. If preview listen to the sample in drum mode or in sample edit page while the Force is in STOP mode, it plays trough the end. But when previewing or sequencing it in PLAY mode, the cut just happens. Same accounts for the PREVIEW in disk browser (even with WARP en SYNC disabled).
I checked or there are any strange automations on any track, but none.
I tried another pad bank, note-on play mode with long note, but nope... it cuts to the same second even if pitch is higher or lower.

When starting a new project the same saples work fine.
I have only 5 drum tracks with not that much going on, and running and 2 plugins.
When I cut these ctracks out, the issue remains. The project is **** becasue I need to use a longer sample.
Anybody an idea? Or similar problem?
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By Lampdog Wed Apr 14, 2021 3:18 pm
If you don't have much going on can you start a completely new project?

Take all samples to computer and resave as wav 48/16, this is what all sounds will be converted to if loaded anyway. In the new project load one sample at a time, notice anything wrong with it, if nothing then move on to the next sample, etc.

idk if it's a bug, but there are lot's of other potential ways to get through something, don't stay stuck.
By DR Stijn Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:05 pm
Found it. Don't know or it is a machine limit or a bug. I created a KG instrument with 4 layers to 5hicken the sound, with longer release. This was recorded to grid with an arpeggio, so a lot of 1/8 notes. This seemed not to be an issue for all other tracks or drum tracks, only for the last drumtrack one with a 8 bar sample.
If I reduce the polyphony to 8 in setting in the violin KG, my long sample in the other drum track plays to the end.

Hope to find some info on this limit or bug...
Can always flatten the violin track, but would prefer otherwise.
By DR Stijn Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:09 pm
I read somewhere the term "sample stealing" :lol:
Is there any tech spec sheet on the limitations? Because then I can at least take this into a counting consideration...
Not in the user manual specs in the end.
And strange it also affects the disk load preview. Should be a warning. Enough cpu left to handle this samples, so I wonder why they do this.

And otherwise, next to cpu and ram stats a polyphony panic level stat.. Why not
By DR Stijn Thu Apr 15, 2021 12:14 am
Disk load sample preview and playback cuts are also caused by max system polyphony it seems. Which setting are you referring to?? It's a system limitation that shouldn't affect previews. In STOP'd mode no problem with previews.

Problem solved now but still love to know more.