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By Ian Canefire Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:02 pm
Hi All,
Interesting addition to the Akai to Digital mixer hardware world.
I happen to own a roland VS2480 and a MPC4000. I just purchased the adat card addition for the MPC4000 from a forum member. I did this because over in the Roland VS Planet...a forum dedicated to VS digital mixers...a long time user has made an RBUS to ADAT converter and he sells them for $100.

RBUS is the Roland digital audio capture.

I am announcing this in case anyone is interested in getting a Roland digital mixer. The options used to be that one had to buy a "dif-at24" or the lesser dif-at 20bit. The Dif-At24 was a 24bit converter box for adat to Roland RBUS and it costs about $300 and is rare.

Now, I know that the adat for the MPC4000 is rare as well, and it can cost over $200. So there is only a small group of people who will actually benefit from this new creation. In any case I am always in support of dedicated users adding value to the machines we love....and doing it inexpensively.

So if you own a 4000 (or anything adat enabled) and want to go into a stand alone hardware mixer you have another reason to give the trusty Roland VS2480 a look.


PS" VS Planet ... VS2480...Adat....author Bear"

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By Ian Canefire Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:55 pm
You will have to talk to BEAR on the VS planet forum. Every once in a while someone sells the adapter her created. BEAR tends to respond to people were you to ask him for the exact specs.
Mine is still working and I am grateful o have it.