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By Cockdiesel Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:45 am
So this might not be the best place on the internet to ask this question but anyone here know anything about vocal processing ?

These clips emphasis how I want to get some accapellas to sound with the vocal processing but I am unsure how to get something to sound as deep and rich. I am guessing this is all early digital processing. I want to figure out a good way to achieve this sound either in hardware or software on a accapella. Any ideas ? Maybe point me in the right direction, if not. It’s something before the reverb, adding that brightness and clarity.
Really anything ub40 has some of the best vocal processing I have heard. The guy is talented but there’s a lot more going into this sound wise.
on the chorus
around 3:50 ish on the verse
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By Ill-Green Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:17 pm
I do a lot of vocal experiments in the studio. The desirable stuff comes out when using a tube mic pre. Gotta let it heat up for a half hour or more for warm rich vocals. I've tried emulators, solid state preamps with the DSP chips and they might give me flexible frequencies, but always sound cold like a school auditorium mic. Tubes got that voodoo for vocals to sound warm.

I agree with Terry Towelling of the use of reverb.

The old Reggae used a lot of reverb and juicing up the gain for that strong vocal echo that sounds like they recorded on a 15 inch megaphone.

So for me, thats the formula:




Experiment and you'll get that vibe soon.
By Cockdiesel Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:21 am
Might have to look into some free or cheap vocal harmonizer. Really makes that UB40 guy sound like a hell of a singer. I could of swore there was more than reverb on the jamericians track, but I can see where it would just be a really good reverb and preamps.

thanks guys.