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By fur*q Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:03 pm
Hi people,
Not sure if this is the bast place to ask, but seeing as people hare are using their machines alot, someone may know what's up.

Using Flstudio or Ableton (same problem) to sequence an S950. Triggering some breakbeats. When layering them, the 3rd break either does not play or plays in a round robin fashion. adding more breaks or the Sine TONE just makes thinks worse/unpredictable.
I can sort of solve it by labourously shortening every note by just a 16th before the end, but this is time consuming and not how it should work.
I've tried different midi channels but no joy. It really feels like something to do with the MIDI note off/on getting messed up.
Basic setup is really simple, Keygroup with samples on separate keys. OMNI on all samples set to 00 (mix out)
Audio/midi interface RME UC

Any help much appreciated!
P.s i have a Casio FZ1 and this performs normally.
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By NearTao Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:35 pm
It's hard to say if you're maxing polyphony or not. This all depends on how well you chopped your samples on the 950. If I remember correctly the S950 is 8 polyphony max...