Discuss the various methods you use in music production, from compressor settings to equipment type.
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By SpectacularCommodity1776 Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:06 am
we all know it's true. is there anything more downright pathetic than needing a computer to do all of the work for you? as technology has progressed, chopping has just gotten easier and easier, to the point where it doesn't even require skill anymore and despite all of this schmucks seem to be using 'autochop' more than ever before. why is this? laziness? lack of creativity? one thing's for certain, though: you shouldn't be allowed to call yourself a musician if your music is sample based and you use 'autochop'. if I set my synth to play random notes and recorded it I wouldn't say I composed what's heard in the recording, now would I?
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By NearTao Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:33 pm
Not going to lie... not even bothering to read beyond your title...

Best way to tell somebody isn't a musician is when they say what it is and is not to be a musician. I'm willing to bet whatever you wrote is gate keeping nonsense and not worth anybody's time to read.