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By TBN Thu May 19, 2022 7:28 am
I discovered a way to automate volume, pan and fx parameters on master and submix busses.

Required: A usb midi controller and a DIN midi cable

-Connect the midi controller to you mpc
-enable "control" and "track" for the controller input in "midi settings" menu
-Use "Midi learn" to assign midi cc values to the parameters you want to automate.

-Create a midi track, send its midi to the midi-din output on the channel that your cc's are defined on.
-Set the midi input for this track the port on which the midi controller is coming in.
-Use the DIN midi cable to connect a din midi output on your mpc to the din midi input (midi loopback)
-Enable the din midi input on the mpc for "control"

Now you can use the knobs of the midi controller to record automation into your dedicated midi track, or you could use the step sequencer to draw it in.

One snag: You have to subsequently play and resample the whole track, since these automation will not be heard if you just choose mixdown.