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By markmorgan10 Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:59 pm
My favourite tip for an mpc (I've confirmed it works with 500, 1000 and 2500 models).

Playing a sample and having it loop without having to set it up in a sequencer... 8)

For 500
"It doesn't say in the manual, but after you trimmed your sample, set the Loop on. Then hold down the pad that has the sample and hold down the shift key. Your sample will loop endlessly without hands touching the 500."

- another explanation of the same thing-
Oh yeah, You can do this. Just set the sample to "loop" in trim mode. Then assign it to a pad whichin you change it from "one shot" to "note on". Now press and hold the pad, then hold down shift. Release the pad (while still holding the shift button). Hold the shift button until the sample has played fully out and starts over, now you can release the shift button and the loop should play on it self, without the sequencer started. You can do this to 32/16 pads at once (depending on mono/stereo sample).

works on 1000 too - its pretty much the same thing - but here is the thread in case you need it (took me a while to get it to work).

works on 2500 too !

sample: note on and loop on
mode: main
push the pad and trackmute button simultaneously

With thanks to all who helped me out with this - especially Angel !



By Ianbryn11 Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:00 am
First off... this is an amzing thread, and thanks so much for all the tips. Us Newbs really benefit from and appreciate this stuff... Huge props to all who are involved. Im gonna study this thread...

ive got a quick question regarding the note variation slider. I get the window to pop up, and the sample changes to some degree, but i have no control with the slider. I hit the pad once, and it plays as it was. i hit it again, and it changes the sound. the slider does nothing. Maybee its faulty? or maybee there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed. any suggestions?

By the way, im using a 2kxl.

thanks again for all the great info, and please excuse me if this has been answered in the thread already.

binger0 wrote:Note Variation Slider
SHIFT + Note Varition AFTER. then press a pad with a cool sample or drum or whatever noise tickles your fancy.
While hitting the pad move the slider. Hear that ish? Play a sample to the beat. You can also adjust filters, velocity, attack decay, all that good stuff. You can record the movements from the slider. Play melodys with a sample. You can change notes params (tuning is my favorite) of samples that are already sequenced just assign the pad you want. Dont sleep. Its a nice feature.

think the most important part of it is the AFTER button. This means that it will effect sounds AFTER they are sequenced. So you can play lay down an 1/8 hhat pattern with NOTE REPEAT. Then press (shift+AFTER) selcet the hat then press after. I like to use the ATTACK setting for hats. Then make them open and close. Just the Sec you are done recording turn off the AFTER button. So one more time. This means that instead of wile playing the slider and a sample at the same time, you can use the slider AFTER its recorded (seqeunced) on the MPC. So say you do a 2 bar loop with kick snares and hi hat. You can use the AFTER button to reocrd little TUNE (pitch) changes on ex. the snare. So you can have the snare hit a little high then a little off, like a drummer would. It also is good on high hat patterns. The details are in the Manual.
By MorphManiac Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:26 pm
when i started beatmakin i got confused by tutorials cuz some ppl said:
"dont use chopped hihats from drumbreaks - they dont sound good"
this is absolutly wrong - i only use chopped hi hats and they soundin better to me then the ones off the kits (deleted em all and just use drums off records)
when you workin with them hats its absolut basic to trigger them at different velocitys unless you dont want that machine gun hi hats - also you can use the hi pass filter on em startin at 20 (+/-) on the 2500 you can adjust the velocity att (program --> pad vol --> window button) set it around 5 to 20 and they´ll sound more natural - also you can go to the pitch field --> window button and get to the vel pitch - set it around 8 or ten - when you do that your hi hat soundin all different and diff velocities - this emulatin a real hat (the harder youll hit the harder the attack and the higher the pitch)
By mobiwoz Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:15 am
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