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By Manwithasampler Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:37 pm
Hello all.

If you go to Loopmasters.com you can download loads of free taster packs of the sample packs they are selling. Not all have a taster pack so you do have to go through them all which is a ball ache! But if you can be bothered, there is normally about 10 samples in each taster pack and they are everything from vocals, one-shots, loops and effects. There is even a few full Acapellas.
You do have to register with them to gain access to these but its just an email and a password. No card info or anything like that. I have spent a couple of afternoons doing this and I have already saved over 2000 free samples (in WAV format) and I have not been through all the genres yet.

Hope this is a help to somebody.