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By Wal Martian Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:44 pm
It's nice, you're getting close to that sound. I would say work on your drum sounds, try to pick sounds that really fit the boom bap style and dont be afraid to EQ or compress them to make them knock. I think the drums on track 1 Mk Keys and track 3 Mp Nights are a little too clean sounding, especially the snare. If you sample drums off records, try speeding up the record to 45RPM and pitching it up, then overdrive the MPC a little bit but not too much. Try to get the drums hitting the right side of the screen (in the red). When you chop and pitch them back down you will get a nice overdriven coloration from the MPC input sage and converter. The snare on track 6 Ode to Rhode is great. Jingle is nice ad in that lofi territory.