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By Fanu Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:48 pm

ORDER & PREVIEW: ... rval-beats

This is the fourth FatGyver release so far. All these works are my testament to what hip hop is to me. It all leans towards nineties US east coast vibes, but I'm adding my own spice to it. I guess you don't hear hip hop out of Finland every day! I've always loved sample-based music, and to me, hip hop has always been about working with samples. And samplers. On this album, you'll hear the SP 1200, MPC 60, as well as various other devices.

This is a beat tape (or a record!) that I'm very proud of and think it does make its own small statement in today's hip hop world.

Everyone who orders the record will also get a link to a digital download on Jan 12, which is when this preorder campaign will end.

PS: Album opening track in my signature.

-Fanu aka FatGyver
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By Fanu Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:23 pm
UPDATE about the forthcoming album. We have 109 orders in, and one month left.
Diggers Factory has promised that if we can hit 200 orders, we can do RED VINYL for the same price.
So if you want to support my hip hop ventures and haven't ordered a copy yet, consider doing so while you can, and maybe tell a friend.
Ordering ends on Jan 12, so act while you can.
Order at ... rval-beats
I'll be doing another hip hop album in Q3-ish 2018, too, so let's make this work well to pave way for that one, too.
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By Fanu Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:13 pm
Wal Martian wrote:Ordered. Let me know how it goes with the pressing place. I've only heard of Qrates for kickstarer/presale vinyl manufacturing, I'm curious about other options.

I already did my latest DNB album 2x12" with them…came out really good in all respects.
Everybody loved it. ... nufatgyver

They said if we can hit 200 with this one, they can do a color vinyl for the same price.

139/200 in now, ordering lasts till Jan 12.
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By Fanu Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:56 pm
FatGyver album out TODAY.
Less than 21 hours to order the record: we've sold 177 records so far.

Find the digital thing at:
• Fanu Bandcamp: (pay what you want!)
• Phatventures Bandcamp: (pay what you want!)
• Spotify:
• Google Play:
• Tidal:
• Beatport:
• iTunes / Apple Music:

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By Ill-Green Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:45 am
I just heard the previews. Had no idea you dropped a vinyl release. Sounds are **** dope mang!!

You still got any records left, let me know.
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By Fanu Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:03 pm


You asked for FatGyver's "Low Intensity Interval Beats" album on tape…and here it is!

BUY TAPE: ... rval-beats

Only 40 made. Hand-numbered.
You'll also get immediate download of the digital version.
Comes with a very high-quality Phatventures sticker and a laminated cover sheet with tracklist.

Also contains at the end of side B a custom breakbeat, arranged and engineered by FatGyver – never released anywhere before. Guaranteed, not one producer out there has this break. Perfect for hip hop and bass music.

Experience the full glory of the good old cassette saturation sound – PERFECT for hip hop!

Engineered and recorded by FatGyver for maximum output level and quality.

Support independent DIY hip hop culture.
© Phatventures