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By OKJoy Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:56 pm
What's up MPC forums. Got a new tape for you for free download on Thursday August 29th, 2019. All material from 2014, 1 year earlier than my last tape. Being mostly Hip Hop, it's not as diverse as the previous one but I decided to release this one after because I like these songs better. This track Calzone is my ode to the Westcoast.

By Nakilius Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:40 pm
Hey, this is great. very nice chords (this one last chord makes the progression outstanding)
and overall it sounds fresh and analog. I love it.
maybe to much of the stereo stuff. the snare is very snappy and also a nice bassline.
also theres a lot going on in the background, which makes the beat fun to listen over and over again.
This is a superb and deep beat. Great Job! :worthy:
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By OKJoy Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:46 pm
Here it is people, Typewriter Beats, for free download. The concept is just the drum machine as a typewriter, typing up sampled messages and sending them off into the world. This time around Hashbrown and I collaborated on the album art, but the bird pic was still taken by my Dad as usual. Sampled from #Jazz, #Soul and #Rock records. With every tape I try to include a lot of different vibes so hopefully you'll hear something you like. Created on the MPC 1000 and SP 505.


1. Check it Out
2. Got it
3. City Folk
4. In the House
5. From the Shadows
6. BBQ
7. Calzone
8. Spirits of the Forest
9. Patterns
10. Intrigue
11. Matcha
12. Red Alert
13. On the Griddle
14. Ultra Violins
15. Peace