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By Danoc Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:44 pm
Nice :worthy:

All you need to do is lay chords under the drum pattern get a melody and counter melody and arrange it dope and you will kill it.
This rockin in the Jeep driven will have peeps dancin. :nod:

Cases wrote:

I know... not the typical MPC stuff, but it's fun to make it blast like a dino fart.
By DokBrown Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:33 pm
This **** slaps but I rec using a real drum machine/synth instead of MPC/SAMPLEs for this sound. Since u did use the MPC, drop in some real world sounds like kids skateboarding or street basketball to create atmosphere. I particularly like what LAMP did in bb308 with the graffiti spray sounds.

The drumbrute impact is a beast . . . . . . . this weekend I am in san diego & all I am taking is my korg electribe/boombox/fostex. NO MPC