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By NearTao Wed Oct 27, 2021 10:48 pm
Just messing around for the day... wanted to see what I could try and squeeze out of the four tracks...

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By NearTao Wed Oct 27, 2021 11:38 pm
Weird, thought I had posted the track for the day...

and ended up with a second one, that I am much happier with.

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By NearTao Sun Oct 31, 2021 10:13 pm
Based on feedback, tried to make this track much louder, and maybe got a little too carried away. Now I think it has pushed into a bit too crunchy and toasty territory. I probably should not have been driving the STMix so hard :/.

The bass line is only 2 bars long and absolutely needs some variations to move it around, or something to tie off every 4 or 8 bars... just something different. Ah well, this was fun and definitely deserves a second try at thinking about how to drive all the content through the eurorack anyways, and might be something to expand on some more to build out into a set.

A few notes for my future self: Decide if you really want to play such a dangerous game with levels... this was for sure toasty, also the beads stuff was cool, but kind of dangerous how it is setup and makes for some rather sour notes from time to time, using the hats as the trigger for the envelope to gate the instrument line is cool but it also doesn't leave much room when the hats are muted then all of the instruments are muted.

Happy to wrap up the end of the month pushing myself in a few more directions with the eurorack setup, but definitely time to think about how I might optimize some of my workflows. The last two weeks of buckling down to get back to a bit more of a theme and drive more through the eurorack has been fun to. I've got a bunch of notes that I need to take down and use to refine the setup for sure.