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By Jean-Marc Liotier Mon Dec 20, 2021 4:15 pm ... the-faleme

- Bits of guitar riffs sampled from Mali Denou, by Mamani Keita (unauthorized)
- Speech excerpts by Emmanuel Macron and George Pompidou
- Kick drum & cymbal from the MPC One's 909 drumkit
- Other drums sampled indivudally from Dembe, by Boubacar Diagne (unauthorized)
- "Hey" shout by Baaba Maal on Wango Arti (unauthorized)
- Jazz organ from Yamaha PSR-E443 synthetizer
- MPC One's synth TubeSynth "Wall of Bright"
- MPC One's synth Electric "Toy EP"

Produced on the Akai MPC One.

The rough assembly shows, along with my absolute lack of mastery of anything - but I'm pleased with myself as my friends liked and it is the first song I put out - and even the first one I ever made. So, take this as an example as someone with just three weeks of production experience can do with the wonderful tool that Akai made !