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By The Jackal Sat Apr 08, 2023 10:55 pm

didn't really put time into mixing & mastering...right now i think it's more important i focus on putting ideas together and getting them out as soon as possible rather than worry about polishing something few people will ever hear you know?

i guess i just wanted to make a dance track to headbang to...

mpc 2000xl was sequencer & drum machine. i run my 8 outputs into a small mixer and then that mixer's stereo channel into main mixer, but didn't use 8 outs this time, just main out for drums that sit under the loop i used

behringer crave for sequenced bassline i sampled into e-mu

e-mu e6400 ultra played back basslines and i had some old drum loop samples i put together with drum machines long ago that were used for the aggressive drums

korg ms-20/arturia microbrute for swells/feedback

korg ex-8000 for a single pluck type sound i was too lazy to sample
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By Lampdog Sun Apr 09, 2023 3:16 am
Aural acid trip right there. Colors er’ywhere.