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By B-Wise Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:15 am
Just me having fun & practicing my crossfader skills!

Bad audio - good performance.

1:18 - Two-hand scratching.

1:51 - Scratching without the crossfader cap.

2:53 - Two hand scratching without the crossfader cap.

Drums & synth sounds all from the RS7000, plus its own FXs. The Force provides 3 FXs & the crossfader.

From the description:

Info about this Track: "Alarm Clock"

This is a beat first made on the Yamaha RS7000 on 2018/01/23. It was cool but meh. It still had some good elements that needed to worked on. This is me taking a break from the tedious job of transferring all my old beats from different machines into the Force to later take the best from each & make an album from them.

This beat didn’t make the cut at first for the RS album…Now after tweaking it on the Force via it macros like the crossfader its way better. Now when I come back to it later I can tell it will be amazing! This is just a sketch at this point. The composition needs to be developed more.

I'm not a DJ nor have any real experience with scratching records. Always learning tho!

Goofs:#1- Excuse the bad audio from the camera (G9). I ran the signal too hot, but I liked the performance, so here we are. I’ll upload a better sounding version of this sketch later. This is good enough for what it is - a crossfader practice jam.

#2- I didn't record the crossfader automation on the Force, so this video is the only way I got this performance.

Peace & dope beats!