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By JamesJeffery Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:23 pm
Hey guys, not been round here in a while but I need some advice. I'm recording some music after the death of my Dad and my Stepdad. I inherited my stepdads maschine and I'm rocking t for him.

I met up with a member on here a few times. A well known member he buys my MP's sometimes. I don't want to mention who but if you're reading my moms boyfriend, the big black dude, passed from Cancer January this year. **** gutted. 12 months before my own Dad passed too. It's been hell man. For those that know me here I had my own daemons and battles with cancer in the past too + prison etc. I'm happy sharing that info because my passion to do this is real.

Anyway, enough boring stuff. I need some help with vocals. Below I have a very rough draft of a verse I'm working on. Yes i know track needs mixing. I'm f focusing on the vocals here.

I want to bring the vocals out. Make them pop out on the track as opposed to mixing in with the track. At the moment my vocal sounds too far back. They're rough, I need to redo them with punch recording but I was getting the flow out. I did try to apply some EQ and compression but tbh I am not good mixing vocals and only just getting back to spitting. Going to take time, practice and learning.

So can anyone give me any nuggets of gold to help me get this done? Any words of wisdom that you feel related to get this right. I am using a Rodes NT1-A mic. It's all I can afford. I have a pop sock, and a circular booth around the mic on a stand. I've seen worse lol.

Cheers guys