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By kalibhakta Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:46 am
Hey Dudes,

I downloaded The Bank software fro akaipro and it freezes on me. When I try to install it goes as far as selecting the install destination and then nothing. Any idea what's up with that??


By Nmcgregor1989 Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:52 pm
Hey ive been having the same issue for days now.
My bank download gets around 90% then just stops dead reading `running package scripts` or ` waiting for other installations` on screen.
Ever weirder is the file are in the bank folder but are greyed out.

Trying get in touch with Akai is futile aswell.....

good luck
By Nmcgregor1989 Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:01 pm
I managed to speak to Akai and it turns out alot of Akai software isn't compatible with MacOS catalina 10.15.6. Akai is working on an upgrade so all products work with it. This has been since mid 2019 so I wouldnt hold your breath for any quickness

Shit right...
By morph860 Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:06 pm
From what I've seen, it's just the installers that don't work. Apple ended support for 32-bit with the Catalina release. They gave software developers a heads up of several years. If Akai didn't update them by now, I doubt they ever will.

So if you install the software and THEN upgrade to Catalina, everything will still work. Or if you install the drivers/software onto a Mac running something other than Catalina, you can copy-paste onto the Catalina computer and it'll work.
By Nmcgregor1989 Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:38 am
Whomever I spoke to on Akais facebook page said they were still working on an upgrade for Catalina compatibility but he could have said anything just to get rid of me and to stop commenting akai on there Facebook haha.
If I knew how to downgrade my combobulator I would haha
I think my friends a mac geek so I could ask him

Best of luck duuuuuuude

Ehat kinda music you into writing/recording?
By kalibhakta Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:13 am
Right now I am looking to make instrumental trip hop/hip hop type of beats to get the hang of things and then experiment from there.

I have been living in India for years studying folk music and making field recordings. While I'm in the states, I wanted to get into something totally different. So, I thought I would blend all my interests and play with samples and rhythms. I'm more into trying everything and seeing what I can do rather than having a fixed idea of making one style...

Anyway--The Bank still doesn't work! My Macbook is frozen right now. I guess the formula is try it every 2 months and hope for an update!
By Khalism Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:18 am
Thanks for this thread!!! I thought I was going nuts! Mine is stuck on the unpacking scripts right at the end
By william72234 Sat Jul 31, 2021 10:26 pm
I'm on big sur,I downloaded it fully,extract and everything,my problem is,there's nothing in it. it shows in the mpc software but there doesn't seem to be anything in it?
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By MPC-Tutor Sat Jul 31, 2021 10:53 pm
william72234 wrote:I'm on big sur,I downloaded it fully,extract and everything,my problem is,there's nothing in it. it shows in the mpc software but there doesn't seem to be anything in it?

Please provide more info on the steps you are performing in the MPC Software, as it just sounds like you are not using the expansion correctly. Remember, it's a plugin, so needs to be assigned to a plugin track.
By william72234 Mon Aug 09, 2021 1:30 pm
Im not home right now but i have an idea,if u go to tools>preferences>plugins and load up the vst it might load them. Will try when i get home and update this. I remember having to go this route loadin up xpand 2 so it may be the same way