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By cesaroviedo Sat Jun 05, 2021 7:03 pm
hey guys, I need to find the machine to do this if there is one?
I play keys and sing and I need to have backing stems ex. bass, timbales and guiro in each pad.
say Intro in pad 1, verse in pad 2, chorus in 3, piano solo in 4, Outro in 5 etc.
I like to start with the Intro playing ether once or just looping till I press the verse pad and verse will play once or keep looping, go to verse to or chorus and keep looping and perhaps go back to verse 2 and then to the solos, then back to verse and go to the outro which will just play once and stop.
I make my backing tracks in Logic or Protools.
Is there one machine that I can load my prerecorded parts of the song and manipulate them as I need?
Thanks for your help.