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By DokBrown Fri Sep 24, 2021 3:26 pm
AKAI / INmusic has lots of good ideas but NOT a clear vision

U look at the troubles GM has had over the past decade & this presents a major problem for AKAI as part of INmusic. ... ny-anymore ... cles-2035/

Is akai selling
Hardware ?
if so, where does the FORCE fit into this equation ?
do all MPC run the same OS or will the MPC X V2 get a stepped up OS?
Will the USB interface compatibility get smooth or will AKAI just make its own USB audio interface that is truly plug-n-play ?

Software ?
If so, is perfect integration with the hardware a necessity ?
Or can the software evolve separately & take full advantage of modern PC power ?

Where exactly does AKAI fit into the INMUSIC brand line ?
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By NearTao Fri Sep 24, 2021 5:12 pm
The MPC Live/Live mk2/One/X all run the same OS. There is no MPC X V2 that I am aware of, so I suspect anything anybody would say at this time would be pure speculation.

I am sure we all hope for more compatibility for USB audio interfaces... but nobody besides Akai knows. I suspect that there are *some* minimal things that the audio interface manufacturers might be able to do, but the compatibility issues are likely far more in Akai's court to deal with.

As for software, I suspect that just like the MPC Ren/Touch/Studio and the like... the software will progress beyond the hardware. Good news, the touch screens are likely to be a good way for the interfaces to keep up with Akai Software over time, but it also has shown to not be a guarantee for future support.