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By GuruVirus Fri Dec 18, 2020 9:15 am
So I was recording using my keyboard (with MIDI Keys enabled) the other day and now for some reason the sequence I was working on has all 128 MIDI tracks visible even though I only have a handful I actually use. The others are all empty. How do I delete them so they are no longer visible? Alt + M to erase is just used to clear the contents of the track, not hide the track from Track View altogether. Is my project cursed to be stuck with them now?



It looks like someone mentioned reporting a feature request to Akai back in March.

Found this in the manual:
It says to navigate to:
Click Burger/menu >> Edit >> Track >> Delete (but it is grayed out for tracks that are empty).
Even for tracks that have automation nodes or even notes, Delete does not appear (so when does it appear?).
Instead, I figured out that if you click Edit >> Track >> Clear it will delete the audio track. Unfortunately you cannot select more than 1 track at a time in MPC.

Also there is a bug that once the track is cleared, it becomes unused. To get to the next track you have to click it; pressing Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + [ to switch tracks does nothing because the index of the track is effectively null. Also you can't save your project until you click on another track, at which point the unused (deleted) track disappears from the rectangular Track list in the center region.

Conclusion: they need to add a "Edit >> Track >> Clear" hotkey and a batch function to delete as many tracks at the same time as we need to.