Bug reports & end-user support for Akai's MPC Software 'controllers' including the new MPC Studio 2, the MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance & original MPC Studio and MPC StudioB lack.
By masadon Sat Dec 11, 2021 4:34 am
Hey guys! After a few months of not using my MPC Studio Black (my laptop was down), I was able to get my laptop up and running again and lo and behold, upon starting the MPC Studio Black I noticed the LCD screen stays on the MPC Splash that is seen as soon as you turn it on. Normally, I would see the MPC logo change to the LCD grid after a few seconds upon loading the MPC Beats DAW software. I've updated the software to 2.10.1 and added the necessary producer kit as well as the demos, templates and F9 instruments.

Can someone please tell me what went wrong and what I can do to get my lcd screen back to normal? There is no physical damage that I'm aware of and I can still use the pads as they are still communicating with the software and I can hear output. Although most of my focus tends to be on the laptop screen, for some reason, it just feels weird not getting the whole experience with the controller LCD and it becomes a little boring.