Bug reports & end-user support for Akai's MPC Software 'controllers' including the new MPC Studio 2, the MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance & original MPC Studio and MPC StudioB lack.
By dj will D Beat Tue Dec 14, 2021 8:31 pm
I bought my MPC STUDIO from a friend on facebook, used it once, changed my Macbook, and now when I go to register, the following message appears:
I have already sent 3 emails to AKAI support and I have no answers.
I just need to receive my registration so I can use it on another Macbook.
Please help me.
By Toast Mon Dec 20, 2021 3:14 pm
It's possible to ask their support staff to reset registrations over the phone. On the right side of their support page there are phone numbers for various regions. Note sometimes the hold times can be a little long, but hang in there.