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By Stadja Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:13 pm
I am a proud total akai force noob.

Currently I am working on my first performance recording,

I made two group of tracks and I assigned a group to the À part of the crossfader and the othes to the B part.

I tried to record a performance where I switched from a to b. But when I record that in the arranger mode, in the end I hear all the track regardless of the fader position while recording.

Is it normal?
If yes, what would be the best way to record something like that using the force?

Hope to hear from you,
By SuperKonquer Wed Jan 26, 2022 4:48 am
Anything you record with the crossfader is assigned to some kind of assignable parameter. Anything and everything assignable can be recorded as automation data. If you are not recording automation data that means you do not have automation write enabled.
By Stadja Thu Jan 27, 2022 12:19 pm
Thank you for your answer ... I went loking for the recording of automation and all that...
and everything BUT the crossfader seems to be recorded :/

Still looking into it :(
By Stadja Sun Jan 30, 2022 1:24 pm
Yes I did.
So in the end, here it's what I did :

I created a new macro for my crossfader. Assigned each track to a volume automation

Group A:
from 0 to -inf gain
from 50% to 100% offset

Group B:
from -inf to 0 gain
from 0% to 50% offset

And now it works, it is recorded when I play... it's cool but way less intuitive and quick then just the "press Assign A + track you want to assign)

Anyway, the good thing is that I learned a lot just for that, the bad thing is that it is a bit tedious to set up.