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By NearTao Sat Apr 22, 2023 7:24 pm
if you embed it as a url, you get a URL.

If you want to embed it as a YouTube video, you need to use the YouTube button, and just put the letters/numbers that make up the end of the URL... without the part.

For your last link it'd be something like YouTube "D56j-Wb1w0E" /YouTube... just needs the brackets in the right spot.

Hope that makes sense.
By enzyme Sun Apr 23, 2023 2:54 pm
NearTao wrote:Hope that makes sense.

It does indeed make sense. I usually just copy and paste from the address bar instead of the share button from Youtube, sometimes it works... Anyway, I know the correct way to do it now, thanks!
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By inflict3 Sat Apr 29, 2023 6:35 am
Gonna check this out :worthy: